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Sustainability Approach

Our Sustainability Vision

Our aim is to create value in the professional industry with cleaning solutions that our customers and their guests prefer while contributing to sustainable development.

Sustainability is a deliberate business strategy for P&G Professional. Our innovative professional solutions are created to deliver total operational value for our customers while helping maximise the preservation of resources and the protection of the environment.

P&G Professional superior solutions help minimise total operating cost

P&G Professional’s objective is to create simple and superior solutions that help customers minimise their total operating cost and contribute to sustainable development. P&G Professional also aims at creating safe and easy to use products to ensure the safety of the people using it and the safety of the world we all live in.

Preservation of the resources and the protection of the environment

P&G Professional is committed to the integration of sustainability into every part of its products’ life cycle. We are focusing on three areas where we can make the most meaningful changes:

Climate Change

Water Preservation

Waste Reduction



Flash Professional Cleaning System canisters are recyclable.
All 4L - 5L bottles and 750ml sprays across P&G Professional’s products are recyclable.

Raw Materials

P&G is the first multinational company to globally remove phosphates from all laundry detergents and auto-dishwashing tabets without a compromise in product performance. For the auto-dishwashing products in particular, this is estimated to result in the removal of up to 14,000 tonnes of phosphates from the environment per year.
P&G is the first multi-national company with 98% of its liquid laundry detergent compacted globally, resulting in reduced use of water.


Some of our biggest plants in the EU (i.e. Amiens, London, Mechelen, Gattatico, Gebze) are sending zero manufacturing waste to landfill.
Two of our biggest plants Amiens and Mechelen, are using 100% renewable electricity.
Our manufacturing operations have been optimized, resulting in a 22% reduction in energy used, 24% lower CO2 emission, 71% waste reduction and 27% less water consumed across 10 of our biggest plants.


Flash/Mr. Proper Concentrated Cleaner (C1) packaging contains three times less packaging vs. current dilute cleaners.
Refillable spray bottles provided with the Professional Surface Care range help reduce packaging waste.


P&G is the first multi-national company with 98% of its liquid laundry detergent compacted globally, resulting in less packaging use and reduced transportation footprint.

In Use

Ariel Professional AntiBac removes 99.99% of bacteria from as low as 40°C helping you save on energy and water.
Fairy Professional auto-dishwashing products can be used in short cleaning cycles, helping you save water and energy.

Superior Products

Ariel Professional

Removes tough stains in only 1 WASH and from as low as 30°C helping you save on water and energy.

Fairy Professional capsules

Can be used in short cleaning cycles, helping you save on water and energy.

Lenor Professional

Softness technologies help protect the fibres from damage to help extend linen life and save on replacement costs.

Flash Professional Concentrated System

The advanced dosing equipment of Flash Professional Concentrated System helps you minimise chemicals waste while controlling cost in use.

Flash Professional 12 Disinfecting Sanitary Cleaner 5L

Contains 2 benefits in 1 product: not only does it remove greasy soap scum but it also helps prevent limescale deposits, helping you save on water and chemicals.

Simple Line-Up

P&G Professional Surface Care

This range of products offers a limited range of optimal solutions designed to deliver efficiently on your key tasks.

Easy to use and safe products

Fairy Professional Fast Clean

Cleans baked on grease up to two times faster* helping you save time and efforts.

*vs. Fairy Professional Original in the UK

Ariel Professional System

Near neutral PH Ariel Professional System is clinically tested to be safe on sensitive skin.

*Make sure to follow usage instructions

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