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P&G Professional tips for removing tough laundry stains

We all own a favourite piece of clothing. It might be a dress, a shirt or a pair of jeans. We also know what if feels like to get a stain on our favourite items, or even worse, a favourite item of a client.

The panic and the stress of not knowing how to get rid of these tough stains can sometimes be completely overwhelming. To help you tackle them, here are a few tips on how to remove the some of the most difficult of stains from common fabric items, cheaply and easily. Remember that with tough stain removal, you have to use products specifically designed for taking care of that fabric. So don’t experiment, and use the right product for the right stain for ultimate customer satisfaction!

How to remove stains from clothes

If you use a washing machine:

  • Select the correct temperature and the wash program.
  • In general, use hot water for white and very dirty things, cold water for darker colours and warm water for colours that can fade;
  • Do not overload the washing machine.
If you wash by hand:
  • Wait until the powder has entirely dissolved before putting clothes in the washing solution;
  • To ensure the clothes have minimal creases, try to hang them up to dry straight away.


Soak heavily soiled clothes in warm water with high quality cleaning products such as Daz or Ariel for white clothes, or fairy non-bio for coloured clothing.


Some stains, if not pre-treated, can remain on clothes and be difficult to remove. While there are some dedicated stain removers, did you know that some high-quality laundry detergent can also help you remove stains from fabrics on their own? You can remove many stains by simply pre-treating with Ariel and water. However, for stains that require special attention, you can proceed with the tips provided below.

Don’t forget to pre-check the colour fastness by testing on a hidden part of the fabric before beginning the pre-treatment process.

Blood: Rinse item in cold water and wash using Ariel at a temperature of 30-40 ° C.

Ink: Wipe the stain with cotton wool soaked in alcohol (be careful with unstable dyes!), then wash normally using Ariel.

Wax or paraffin wax: Use a dull knife to carefully remove the remnants of wax and then iron the fabric between layers of blotting paper (in this case, put the fabric inside out on the ironing board). Then wash normally using Ariel.

Fruit: Wash on a hot cycle using Ariel.

Red Wine: Sprinkle salt or baking soda on the fresh stain, then wash using Daz.

Bubble Gum or adhesive tape: Ice the stain or freeze the fabric in the freezer. Use a blunt knife to remove the excess and put the stain on blotting paper, wiping from the inside with cotton wool soaked in gasoline, alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover). Then wash, as you usually would, using Bold.

Coffee or tea: Wash in hot water using Ariel.

Cosmetics: Soak for five to ten minutes in lukewarm water before washing normally with Daz.

Grease, oil or margarine: Place the stain on blotting paper and wipe from the inside with cotton wool soaked in gasoline or alcohol. Allow the fabric to dry first, then soak in lukewarm water for five to ten minutes before washing the fabric as you usually would with Bold.

Lipstick: Place the item on a sheet of blotting paper, stain facing down, and dab from the reverse side with cotton wool soaked in alcohol. Change the paper if needed, then wash normally, using Ariel.

Dirt: Soak in lukewarm water for five to ten minutes, add vinegar, and then wash normally using Daz.

Nail polish: Place the item on a sheet of blotting paper, stain facing down, and dab the stain from the reverse side with cotton wool soaked in nail polish remover. Change the paper if needed, then wash normally, using Bold.

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