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New Improved Formula

Designed to deliver superior cleaning even on the toughest stains that Professionals encounter frequently, such as wine, make-up, blood, coffee, grease and food stains. It’s unique technology helps keep your whites looking white for longer. Save on abour and utility costs as there is no need to pre-soak, pre-wash or hot wash, as Ariel Professional delivers outstanding results in the 1st wash at low emperatures.

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Super results are possible thanks to a boosted enzyme system that breaks up the stain, unique polymers, which enable the cleaning agents to penetrate these marks and cleaning agents, which dissolve the dirt and allows the stains to be rinsed away with ease. In addition, the unique technologies help keep whites looking white for longer. This helps you save on labour and utility costs as there is no need to pre-soak, pre-wash or hot wash, since Ariel Professional delivers outstanding results in the first wash at low temperatures.


Dr Paul Campbell, leading scientist on the development of NEW Ariel Professional, explains why a boosted product is necessary for a professional clean:

“Bright white and crisp coloured fabrics provide a reassuring sense of cleanliness, so P&G Professional has engineered NEW Ariel Professional to meet the rigorous demands faced by the hospitality industry. The boosted formula has the ability to tackle the toughest stains and odours to reveal the brightest whites and colours, while leaving long lasting freshness. With no need for pre-soaking or pre-washing, it provides the one wash wow a business can rely on, even on chef whites.”

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With over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality sector, P&G Professional understands the challenges businesses face when it comes to laundry and creates products to deliver against specific needs. P&G Professional’s mission is to make every experience count, bringing comfort to guests and compliance reassurance to businesses, with its trusted brands. Taking a customer-centric approach to sales, service and support P&G Professional delivers product knowledge and valuable innovation to its customers.

New Ariel Professional is available in both powder and liquid format, and is available nationwide at leading Cash & Carries and Distributors. For more information call Freephone (UK) 0800 716 854, (ROI) 1800 535 119 or visit

* Stain removal tested among professional detergents.
** Results on chocolate, tomato and coffee stains; white mixed polyester and cotton washed at 40°C.

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