Laundry Solutions

The appearance, softness and cleanliness of towels, bedding and table linens can make a big impact on overall guest satisfaction, so it is important to ensure your laundry practices deliver the best results. When linens are perceived as dingy, guests will often complain and it may impact their interest in becoming a repeat customer, so keep your linens clean, soft, bright & fresh for maximum guest satisfaction. P&G Professional offers manual-dosed laundry solutions and auto-dosed laundry systems to best serve your business needs.

Manual Dose Detergents

Manual dose detergents. Keep fabrics bright and stain free, and delight guests with professional laundry products from P&G Professional.

The Ariel Professional System is the P&G Professional auto-dose laundry solution designed for the unmet laundry needs of care homes and lodgings. Our auto-dosing laundry solutions work with a pH neutral wash system, incorporating innovative whiteness and freshness technology to provide you with soft, clean and fresh linen. It also helps enhance the life time of your fabrics, which can translate to substantial savings. Impress your guests or make your residents feel more comfortable with outstanding cleaning whilst managing operational costs.

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