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How to save money in the laundry business

Every business wants to save money. Fortunately, if laundry is part of your business, there is a simple way to ensure that washing is a cost effective area. With many other businesses, it is more difficult to manage different sections of the company, reducing 1% of the cost here or 2% of the cost there in order to make an overall difference. But for businesses which need laundry services, the choice of detergent powder, fabric softener and liquid detergent can make a huge difference to monthly operational expenses.

Whether you’re using commercial washing machines, coin operated systems or a self-service launderette, laundry, hotel and other service industry owners have told us some of their biggest problems, so we’ve created a concise list of tips to help you get the most out of your wash every time! TIP Unlike some other experimental methods, our tips will never ask you to re-wash anything, which makes colours fade faster, or do anything which may cause your fabrics to lose freshness!

Step 1 - Learn the difference between your products

First things first. Are you using the strengths of your washing powder, liquid detergent and/or fabric softener? Learning which product to use and when will help you save money. Getting the best wash possible will help to avoid rewashing and unnecessary damage to your fabrics. Here is our quick guide to learning the difference between these three.

  • Detergent Powder – Powder detergents are great for cleaning white loads because they contain bleach. Note, however, that there are some powder detergent products which do not contain bleach. We recommend that you buy Ariel Professional 8.5kg from your local supplier, as it is great value. Ariel not only contains oxygen bleach, but also enzymes and other technologies that help you get that professional clean. While Ariel may seem pricier than other brands based on price per kilogram, did you know that you only use 1/3 of the amount vs a generic powder? With this you not only get great results but also save more money in every load.
  • Liquid detergent - Liquid detergents do not contain bleach, so they can be used more safely on coloured fabrics. A big advantage of liquid over powder detergents is that they are particularly quick at dissolving, making the dirt softening action faster in the cycle. This makes better cleaning on faster cycles possible, saving your business time and money. They can also be used for pretreating directly onto stubborn or persistent stains, and are especially useful for those difficult to remove marks.
  • Fabric Softener - Fabric softener will make your fabrics smell fresh and feel soft. It can also help with reducing the creasing in washed clothes as well as the stiffness. Fabric softeners, such as Lenor, will also make ironing easier, helping you save time. Why not try Lenor four litre bottles to help you make ironing simpler and wow your customers with the long lasting freshness of their items!

Step 2 - Using a washing powder detergent and fabric softener together!

Both Ariel and Daz work wonders when teamed up with Lenor, because using a washing powder and a fabric softener together will get you perfectly white laundry and help to limit the damage to fibres in the washing machine.

The polymer system inside both Ariel and Daz helps avoid redepositing of soils which can cause dinginess of fabrics, especially over time. The different enzymes within all of P&G Professional’s range of products help boost the stain removal power across many different types of stains, whether oil-based, alcohol based, or any other type of stubborn soils.

Did you know that generic powders need much more product to do a good job? With both Ariel and Daz, only one scoop of powder is ever needed to do the same job when compared with three scoops of a generic powder. Remember that the costs of re-washing can often go unnoticed, and hide away as a hidden cost in energy, water and detergent bills, so invest in a good quality product, and help save yourself money in the long run!

Step 3 - Don’t overload your washing machine!

To get the best out of your commercial or non-commercial washing machine, you must be careful to ensure there is enough free flowing water and free space in the machine drum. Some expert advice is to leave a hand width gap between the top of your laundry and the drum so that clothes and other items can move freely and ensure washing is effective. Always follow the maximum capacity recommendations of your particular washing machine, and remember that the dirtier the laundry, the more space you should leave in the machine for better cleaning!

Step 4 - Look after your washing machine, and it’ll look after you!

  • Replacing your home use washing machine can be costly, but for a laundry service it can be a nightmare! Remember that by using good quality products you not only help increase customer satisfaction, but also make your machine operate efficiently and avoid unnecessary rewashing which shortens the lifetime of your machine.
  • Ask your washing machine supplier for tips on how to best maintain your washing machine. At times, they may offer “preventive maintenance”. Consider if this is right for you and it could be worth the investment.
  • Try cleaning your machine with Ariel powder or liquid once in a while. Simply place the powder or liquid in the designated drawer and set on a normal cycle, without any fabric items in the barrel and ideally at the hottest water setting possible.
  • Ariel powder actually cleans tough stains with the help of three times*** less product than generic laundry detergent. So for full service launderettes, this means that not only will you save space on storing the detergent in your shop, but you will also save money on buying washing detergent!
Running a wonderfully successful laundry business will mean you’ll get plenty of new and satisfied customers. By using the tips included in this article, you can save money, and make your business even better!

*** Based on technical test using mango stain on polycotton fabric vs powder sold exclusively to professionals.

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