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How to choose a good washing machine

Do your research.

Working out which type of washing machine you require is something you should start thinking about right from the very start. Before buying your commercial or non-commercial washing machine, try visiting potential future customers such as local schools, hotels or hospitals and ask who does their laundry and how much they spend on their weekly loads. washing machines
Once you’ve asked these questions, go and visit other Laundromat in your area. What kind of washing machines do they use? Do they have coin-operated self-service systems or are they fully serviced with staff? Try to corner your market and offer something which isn’t already available in your area. By having a unique product, or an interesting offer to your customers, customer satisfaction will look after itself!

Loading capacity

Are you planning to have some machines for the public to use, and some for industrial use (for example a local hotel’s bed sheets)? If so, laundry capacity will be a very important factor for you to consider when buying an automatic washing machine.

Washing machines tend to come in three sizes:

  • Small 5.5-9kg (ideal for smaller business customers like cafes with small loads of a few tablecloths, etc.)
  • Medium 10-19kg (ideal for families, with loads of an average amount every couple of days)
  • Large 20kg+ (ideal for commercial properties such as hotels or hospitals. They can take large, bulky items when necessary)
professional laundry

Choosing the right loading capacity for your washing machine is extremely important. It can save you time in washing industrial loads, save you money in electricity bills, and keep customers happy that they haven't paid for huge washing machines if they only wanted to wash a small load.

Water use.

Try to consider a front load washing machine. These types of washing machines enable you to have a thorough and clean wash with less water and in even less time compared to top loaders. As a laundry business, your decision to use less water will have a huge impact on the environment and your personal pocket, so thinking about your water usage right from the start will keep you saving money and preserving the environment right from the very beginning!


Try to find out by asking other Laundromat owners if their models are reliable, or if they break down often. Do your research reading online reviews and make sure that you have a quality guarantee with your purchase. Perhaps consider buying insurance for your property, and (if available) for the machines as well. Sometimes, when buying washing machines, you can be given an extra option - that a professional plumber may come and install it for you, as well as be available 24/7 in case of emergency. Consider whether your business needs this particular cover, and think about what your options would be in case of an emergency flood in your company. Often, getting such cover is a good idea as it will increase not only the reliability of your machines, but also your clients’ faith in your business, ultimately leading to great customer satisfaction!

Ease of use

How easy are your machines to actually use? Perhaps for an experienced laundry business it’s no trouble, but will it be easy for your other customers and employees to operate? If you’re looking to buy a self-service washing machine, make sure the complications are to a minimum for your customers. You can also ensure that a staff member is on standby to help operate the machines. Remember, customer satisfaction can be easily increased by just keeping your machines easy to use! waching machines in laundromats

Tumble dryers - separate or combined?

Many laundry businesses like to save space and time by buying a washing machine with a dryer function. This way, the employees only have to set and load the machine once, and then are able to focus on customer experience. If you are looking to save on space in your business, buying a combined washer and dryer is a good way to save room for more machines, or for the customers to have more space whilst waiting for the machines to finish. However, if you have more space, having separate dryers may actually better cater to the different needs of your potential customers.


Think carefully about the programmes your potential washing machines will have, as these can actually make a big difference. Depending on the individual needs of your Laundromat, you may need to consider whether a quick wash or customisable programs will generally be used. washing machine programmes

Another great tip amongst laundry business owners is to purchase a water saving machine. Some machines may be quite cheap compared to others, even claiming they are high-efficiency washers, but consider really how the quality differs from other more expensive machines. By investing in a good quality washer with an ‘eco setting’, you will be equipping yourself with an energy efficient washer, and saving yourself money in the long term. Be sure to ask these questions from your washing machine supplier and get their advice as well!

Protecting your washing machine

Look after your washing machine, and it will look after you! Buying a good washing machine is of course important, but remember that you will have to take proper care of the machine to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Replacing a broken washer can cost a huge amount of money, and lose you potential clients in the process, so ensure you know how to look after it right from the start.
Ask your machine supplier how to best maintain the washing machine.  We recommend that you always use high quality detergents and fabric softeners such as Ariel and Lenor right from the start, as these products will keep your washing machine washing for longer!

Read our Laundry Booklet for your Professional Needs to understand more about how to look after your washing machine!

Buying a good washing machine is very important for running your laundry business. Although you may end up paying more for a high quality automatic washing machine and dryer, you will see the results pay off in the long run and will likely lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction - especially if combined with using good quality products.

Remember to always check with your machine supplier what the best practices are to keep your machines well maintained and working at optimum efficiency. Happy washing!

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