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How to Boost Staff Morale and the Bottom Line

Arturo Pimentel, Section Head for Research and Development at P&G Professional, explains the business benefits of auto-dose cleaning systems.

Turbulent politics and an uncertain future continue to impact all areas of hospitality, particularly when it comes to staffing, retention and recruitment. To overcome these challenges and improve turnover, businesses must invest in their employees. Developing and implementing simple, streamlined solutions for your business, will help boost staff morale and efficiency.

While cleaning is a necessity, unfortunately it is often overlooked and under-appreciated. Businesses underestimate the value of clean and the impact it can have on their bottom line. To help employees work efficiently, with less elbow grease, provide staff with professional grade tools to maintain a sparkling and immaculate establishment. One aid that will help achieve this, is the auto-dosing system.

Dosing 101: Simple, Durable, Accurate

Automated dosing simplifies and streamlines the cleaning processes for hospitality businesses. They have been developed to enable easy use of accurate, concentrated cleaning products instead of using individual pre-diluted spray bottles. This maximises ease of use, for a thorough clean, improves cost efficiency and is more sustainable.

Dosing systems are securely fastened to a wall, in a convenient location, and dispense the exact amount of product needed, whether for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or lobby areas, as well as detergents for commercial laundry.

The concentrated formulas are diluted with water on-site, making them space-saving and environmentally friendly. The systems are designed for accurate chemical dilution and dispensing, so that optimum cleaning will occur with every use. Monitoring your system regularly will also help ensure the system is working properly and chemicals are diluted to the specifications you require.

P&G Professional Systems are installed for free, are simple to use and come with full training and support.

Business boosting benefits

  • A brilliant clean is more easily achievable: Well-designed systems, like those from P&G Professional, are activated by the push of a button, making it easy for cleaning staff to choose the appropriate cleaner or disinfectant to fill their spray bottles, sinks and buckets with the proper dose of cleaning products, ready to go. This innovation increases work productivity as employees can access a variety of products in one place. Automatic dilution takes the guess work out of cleaning, prevents over usage of chemicals and ensures products perform to their maximum efficiency.

    Dosing innovation promotes worker welfare, as it alleviates the need for employees to mix chemicals on their own – which can result in safety concerns. Accurately dosed P&G Professional products disinfect and sanitise surfaces, killing germs and eliminating dirt.
  • Environment: Auto-dosing systems use concentrated formulas, which use less packaging and less energy to transport them, reducing their carbon footprint. What’s more, due to the accuracy of dosing, only the exact amount of product needed for a cleaning task is used, which prevents product wastage, having environmental benefits too.

    All P&G Professional products are thoroughly tested to be safe for the planet, and the people who use them.
  • Cost: Controlling chemical use and preventing over and under dilution eliminates waste, and helps ensure cleaning tasks are completed well first time, meaning less employee time is spent on rework. Staff efficiencies through auto-dosing systems will help reduce operating costs.

A dose of success for the bottom line and staff motivation

Five-star golf and spa hotel Rockliffe Hall, has been using P&G Professional’s auto dosing system for two years. Its guests have exacting standards and its Facilities Team has found the system drives efficiencies for cleaning staff, improving the bottom line for management.

Facilities and Property manager, Alison McHugh comments “Auto dosing is really easy to use, and the system’s set up allows us to deliver chemicals at the right concentration to do the job to the exact, high standard we require. It makes cleaning prep easy for all staff and helps us to control costs.”

Beyond cleaning efficiency and cost savings, auto dosing systems help to ensure the job is done right the first time. Staff jobs are streamlined, as products are diluted with ease, and effectively clean with less elbow grease. Simple to use auto-dosing systems, like those from P&G Professional, include clear instructions with icons and symbols streamlining training, ensuring correct usage. Who wouldn’t want to deliver better results in less time at work?

To learn more about P&G Professional and the professional cleaning systems please visit or call 0800 716 854.

*Research carried out by OnePoll for P&G Professional in June 2018 amongst a sample of 2000 British adults.

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