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How laundry practices are key to creating lasting impressions

Arturo Pimentel, Section Head for Research and Development at P&G Professional, explains the importance of getting the commercial laundry requirement right for your establishment.

Lasting impressions can be made within a matter of seconds, and surprisingly it’s the small details like linens and towels that customers notice during their hotel stay. Nothing compared to soft, fluffy towels and fresh sheets. In fact, 72% of guests say that clean linens and towels are imperative to their hotel stay.1 Over time materials will inevitably, wear down and become threadbare, steps can be taken to prolong linen life.

To ensure customers are delighted, not disgusted, there are two principles to follow for successful laundry care: efficiency and effectiveness. The following tips emphasise these priorities. They will help to maximise performance, protect linen investment, improve cleaning results, and ultimately provide positive customer experiences.

Keep linen inventory levels up to par. If inventory levels are too low, it will lead to linens being washed too frequently, causing fading and wear and tear at a more rapid pace. To ensure a longer shelf life, make sure you have the linens in stock, to meet the turnover needs of your establishment.

Use energy-saving equipment and features. Ensure you invest in machines that clean efficiently (saving water and electricity, even at cooler temperatures. Washing at low temperatures is a milder process, which can help linens last longer.

Employee training. Labour accounts for over a third of laundry operational costs.2 Reputable companies will provide training for employees after installation to ensure products are used correctly. Employee training does not end after onboarding is completed. Effective, continual education is important to achieve productivity and creating an away from home feeling for guests. Employees that feel valued by their employer will invest back into the business.

Select the right detergents. Replacing bed sheets and towels can account for up to 19% of total laundry operation costs3. Linen life can be extended, by using a quality, professional grade detergent such as Ariel Professional, which cleans deep into fibres, lifting out stains from all layers of fabric. Over time, efficient cleaning products can reduce linen replacement by up to one third4.

Develop quality control processes. Make sure that any item given to guests is in pristine condition without any visible stains, threads or worn patches. Ensure that both laundry and housekeeping check for quality control. If possible, create a staff incentive for 100% cleanliness, based on customer review, so staff have a vested interest in delivering excellence.

Hoteliers who establish effective procedures and use the latest innovations in laundry care, can decrease operational costs through a reduction in linen replacement and labour costs, which together account for over half of expenses.5 At the same time, guests enjoy bright, white and fresh towels and bedding. This ‘clean’ reputation will improve customer satisfaction, which can lead to profitable repeat business.

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