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The value of clean

When customers are choosing a restaurant, the cleanliness of your establishment is the second most important factor in their decision. P&G Professional offers a safe, simple, effective cleaning solution that helps you provide a superior dining experience for your guests. And returning guests means increased revenue for you. That’s the value of clean.

Kitchen area
Dining area
Bathroom area

Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner

4 in 1: disinfects, multi-purpose, stainless steel and glass

Sanitary Multi-Purpose Cleaner

4 in 1: powerful cleaning, limescale removal, shine & deodorizing

Heavy Duty Cleaner for Toilet Bowls

3 in 1: hygiene, deodorizes, shine for frequently used bathrooms

What is different about P&G Professional?


Our product range helps you to follow recommended HACCP guidelines and meet regulatory requirements for health and safety.


Our solutions are designed holistically to deliver excellent cleaning with a simple product portfolio that is easy to use for your staff.


Our globally renowned Fairy and Flash products, designed for professional needs, leave your glasses, pots, dishes and surfaces “spotless clean”, shiny and grease-free.

I was really impressed by the outstanding performance of the new P&G Professional cleaning products - not only did they clean exceptionally well but we really noticed a difference from the usual products we use. 

Amaud, Operations Manager
at a Michelin-starred restaurant in London

P&G Professional products were simple, safe, effective and easy-to-use and provided a necessary peace of mind for me, especially when there were so many other plates to spin. 

Jan Matthews, Head of Catering
at the London 2012 Olympic Games

How to open Fairy Professional Auto Dish Detergent Cap

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