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Five Simple ways to increase customer satisfaction in restaurants

Whether you’re already running a restaurant or just considering opening one, you will know that the quality of customer service and customer satisfaction in your business is extremely important. Here are five simple ways to impress your guests and keep them coming back for more!

1. Create a great atmosphere

What impressions do your guests first get when they see your restaurant sign? Really think about it. Does it say “Great food, great cleanliness, great service!”? Or, does it just say the sign above your door needs a good clean?

First impressions are vital when creating a good atmosphere for guest satisfaction, so set them up well. Try cleaning the front of your restaurant to give a new sheen to the outside of your premises. Any windows, doors or signs that could do with a quick and easy clean really can really make a difference, especially if your restaurant is near a busy road with fumes clogging up windows with pollution. This will help your restaurant stand out from any competitors in the area before you’ve even tried!

So now that you’ve set your business up for a great first impression from the outside, it’s important to keep it going inside. Think about the smell of your restaurant. Does the kitchen smell enticing, even from the customers’ first steps inside? If you’re trying to amaze your guests, why not create a wonderful atmosphere from the moment they enter by using Febreze Set & Refresh. General odour elimination in a restaurant can be a great way to help achieve client satisfaction from the moment they step inside, and make them feel as if they have escaped from the busy world outside! Wondering how to achieve 24/7 freshness in your business? Read our article Simple ways to refresh the air!

2. Small surprises

Once your customers are through the door, try to surprise them by letting them know about any special offers, or special dishes that day. This will make them feel as if they have been lucky to find your restaurant, and will be a great example of excellent customer service right from the very start.

A favourite among restaurant owners is to have a ‘Lunchtime Special’ in which a beverage, meal and dessert or side dish are all included in one price. This offer allows guests to decide quickly what they want to eat, your kitchen to prepare many more of these dishes in advance, and for you to order more of the right ingredients that day, so not only are you and your staff more prepared, but your guests’ customer satisfaction levels will be increased!

Other items which prove popular amongst guests are birthday specials (free desserts for people who have their birthday that day!) or new ways of serving classic dishes.

3. Cleanliness

The lucky thing is, everyone knows how to clean! All your employees have had a lifetime's worth of cleaning experience before they joined you, so all you have to do to get the one of the cleanest restaurant in the area is to supply them with easy to use products to get your restaurant spotless!

Of course, some of the most important items to clean are your dishes, because customers will notice anything dirty placed in front of them, and leave them feeling disappointed. So to keep them happy and have them coming back for more, take a little help from Fairy - a surprisingly powerful dishwashing liquid that powerfully cuts through grease!

Another great way to have a clean restaurant and to achieve good customer service is to find a routine that works for you, and then to stick to it! Create a cleaning rota in the bathroom, and create a timetable of who will clean what on which day. This way, your guests will be delighted with how hygienic your restaurant is every time they visit!

Are you sure your restaurant is as clean as it could be? Read our article on the 5 biggest cleaning mistakes some restaurants make to make sure you’re not tripping over common hurdles!

4. Great customer service

Think about once you’ve got your guests inside: what do they see? Perhaps you have a waiter or waitress coming out to greet them at the door and welcome them. Acknowledging your customers as soon as they enter is very important as it will make them feel comfortable. How is your seating arranged? If you have tables by a window, make sure that no customers have their backs facing the view, as it wastes space and squanders a great asset if you’re by the sea or have nice surroundings.

After taking your guests’ orders, highlight to your staff that it is important to check up on customers once or twice during their meal to ensure they are satisfied. By doing so, they may also order extra beverages or side dishes, and will feel happier, so hopefully are more likely to order a dessert! Excellent customer service will usually lead to a better revenue, and better profit!

5. Happy staff = Happy customers!

But what is the secret to perfect customer service, we hear you ask? The answer: the staff!

Remember that everything good happening in your restaurant will be because of your staff. Make sure you keep them happy by engaging with them regularly, and ensuring that they are satisfied. Ask them if they think anything could be changed around the restaurant to increase customer satisfaction, or to make things run more smoothly in the kitchen. Make them feel that they are important members of your team.

Be sure to talk to them on a personal level as well as a professional level, as it will gain their respect and trust. Do you remember the name of the chef's daughter? Ask how she is feeling about her upcoming exams. Small details such as these will go a long way to making your restaurant have an incredible atmosphere!

By having a personal relationship with your employees, you will create a happy atmosphere and increase the satisfaction of the customer. Remember that your staff are representing you, so show off your best side!

So now you have some additional knowledge on simple ways to make your guests leave more satisfied and amazed! There are many other good sources out there as well so we recommend you continue to keep an eye on them.

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