Reducing our footprint one step at a time


Reducing our footprint one step at a time
P&G Professional: Reduce Energy Without Compromising Results
Did you know that by switching to cold, you could save up to £500 on your yearly energy bill* ?

Against the backdrop of the current energy crisis and impending net zero targets, companies are now more aware than ever as to how much their practices are impacting the environment. Customers are also increasingly conscious of the products businesses use, and how sustainable they are. However, an emphasis on sustainability should not come at the expense of product performance. Businesses need commercial solutions that can save energy and conserve energy without compromising results.

P&G Professional’s trusted brands – including Ariel® Professional, Lenor® Professional, Fairy® Professional, Flash® Professional – are formulated to provide an outstanding clean even with one wash, short cycles and low water temperatures, giving professionals confidence that their business will always shine.

*Cost of electricity saved for laundry when washing at 30C vs 60C cycle and for automatic dishwashing when using a short cycle (average 47C) vs. a normal cycle (average 57C). Plus cost of gas saved filling in a 10L bucket of water at 20C vs 50C for surface cleaning and a 45L sink at 20C vs 46C for hand dishwashing. Energy cost saving based on average H1 2022 electricity and gas prices (incl. taxes) for businesses in the United Kingdom, source Eurostat (Statistics for European Commission). Based on 4 washes per day (1460 per year) for both hand and automatic dishwashing, 1 wash per day (365 per year) for surface cleaning, and 10 loads per week (520 per year) for laundry.
P&G Professional - Green Starts with Clean
P&G Professional is aware of the total environmental impact of cleaning products from raw materials to waste disposal. That is why we believe that GREEN starts with CLEAN.
Our P&G Professional Green & Clean program recognizes all PGP products that minimize the human and environmental impact of cleaning throughout the key phases of product lifecycle. The selection criteria to qualify for the program are:
  • RECYCABLE packaging material that minimizes the environmental impact of plastic waste
  • EFFECTIVE use of resources thanks to superior product performance and/or sustainable manufacturing operations
  • SAFE* products: as required by EU regulation 100% surfactants are biodegradable

Ambition 2030

Reducing our carbon emissions, prioritising water conservation and shifting to renewable electricity are just the beginning. In 2018, we took a hard look and refocused our energy toward 2030, with a new set of goals and an embrace of new practices intended not just to reduce our footprint and conserve precious resources, but to help restore the world, ultimately leaving it better than we found it.

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Environmental Sustainability Goals

Ambition 2030: Brands making a positive impact

Faced with unprecedented challenges, our brands are reinventing citizenship and enabling responsible consumption.

Goal: 100% of our leadership brands will inspire responsible consumption.

Serving five billion people gives our brands the unique opportunity to delight consumers through superior product performance and to promote conversations, influence attitudes, inspire behavior change and drive positive impact on society and the environment.

Goal: Reduce our use of virgin plastic in packaging by 50%.

Our brands are pursuing a range of solutions with the aim to make packaging more sustainable. As a company, we’ve committed to ensuring 100% of our packaging will be recyclable or reusable by 2030 and to reducing virgin petroleum plastic in packaging by 50% by 2030. We’re innovating, collaborating and taking action to unleash the circular economy across our portfolio of brands.

Refill and Reuse More Bottles.

In Europe, P&G Beauty is offering a new aluminum reusable, refillable bottle system for Pantene, Aussie, Head & Shoulders and Herbal Essences, along with refill pouches made with 60% less plastic than standard shampoo bottles. The new refill system will be available to as many as 200 million households across Europe and is predicted to halt the production of approximately 300 million virgin plastic bottles per year starting in 2021.

Goal: Building even greater trust through transparency.

We know consumers appreciate transparency. That's why we provide information beyond the label about our product safety standards and ingredients and we are constantly exploring new reliable and accessible ways of sharing ingredient information.

Our brand websites offer more information than ever before about our ingredients, making it easy to understand a product’s ingredients as well as what we don’t use.