Fairy Professional®

Non Bio Professional Fabric Softener

Ultra Sensitive 3X3.8L

Fairy Non Bio Professional Fabric Conditioner is snuggably soft with a gentle scent to delight your guests. We believe that the most delicate skin deserves the best and that is why Fairy Fabric softener is dermatologically tested.

  • Dermatologically tested fabric conditioner
  • Snuggably soft with a gentle scent to delight your guests
  • Gives your laundry extra fluffiness with soft and comfortable feel
  • Helps reduce static cling on fabrics and to make clothes easier to iron
  • Ergonomic bottle with non-drip spout for ease of dose
  • Recommended for professional use

CASE EAN4084500299191

Ingredients We Use

  • 5-15% Cationic Surfactants
  • Perfumes