Ariel Professional®

S4 White Max Laundry Additive


Ariel Professional System Laundry Additive S4 White Max is a liquid laundry additive to restore and prolong whiteness. Helps keep linen impeccably white like new for longer versus wash without S4 White Max. For use with the Ariel Professional liquid laundry system.

  • Restores whiteness in 1 wash, when using the rejuvenation cycle with S4 White Max
  • Prolongs whiteness wash after wash, when using the additive in every wash
  • To be used with S1 Actilift Detergent
  • Does not contain bleach
  • Contains brightening agents
  • Only for professional use

CASE EAN4015400854340

Ingredients We Use

  • Benzisothiazolinone

Usage Instructions