Ariel Professional®

S3 Colour-Safe Stainbuster Laundry Additive


Ariel Professional S3 Colour-Safe Stainbuster is a liquid laundry additive, to boost the active removal of stains at low temperatures, whilst being also colour safe. It can also provide disinfection. For use with the near-pH neutral Ariel Professional Laundry System at temperatures between 30 and 65°C. Kills 99.999 % of bacteria when washed at 40°C, using system products S1 and S3 for 20 minutes under dirty conditions.

  • Disinfects according to EU Norm EN1276
  • Active stain removal in mild washing conditions
  • Removes stains whilst helping to maintain colour and the integrity of fabrics
  • Can be used for white and most colored textiles at temperatures between 30 and 65°C
  • Does not leave chemical overtones on the fabrics (bleach malodors)
  • The smart bleach technology is less aggressive versus hypo chlorine hence safer to use by staff
  • Only for professional use

CASE EAN4015400854241

Ingredients We Use

  • 15-30% Oxygen-Based Bleaching Agents
  • <5% Phosphonates

Usage Instructions