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Bathrooms are often reported as one of the most difficult and most important areas to clean. Because commercial toilets can potentially harbour bacteria, it is critical that they be cleaned frequently to maintain a clean and odour-free appearance. The key to any effective toilet disinfection process is to first remove the soils that provide a breeding ground for germs.

Wet surfaces, Limescale & Grease deposits

Wet surfaces have special cleaning needs. Keep your sinks and taps clean and disinfected for a fresh, germ-free bathroom.

Unsanitary toilets and urinals can scare customers away for good. Make sure your cleaning regimen includes a powerful disinfecting bathroom cleaner to get the job done right.

Creating a safe, healthy environment starts with disinfection. Protect your guests and employees from germs that can cause illness with surface cleaning products that disinfect and clean. P&G Professional industrial cleaning supplies help you fight with spread of germs in offices, bathrooms, common areas, and more. Be sure to use biocides safely.

The foundation of a great customer experience, sparkling floors tell customers you care about clean. P&G Professional Flash Cleaners makes it simple to keep your floors looking great.

If you noticed first sights of mould or mildew in your environment time to react is now. Black mould can have serious impact on the health of anyone living or working in its presence.

Scent is really important component of customer experience. P&G Professional innovative odour elimination product line will make odours a thing of the past - and your customers will appreciate the difference.

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